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School Holidays

School Holidays will start on the 29th June. We wish all our students happy holidays. However, may we remind all the students that holidays does not mean lazing around doing nothing. Lots of pleasure can be achieved from reading, doing crafts, enjoying a swim, or joining a gymnasium. Above all this is a great time for enjoying events together with the rest of the family.

We will be back on the 26th September. Meanwhile, Happy Holidays!

For further information re school’s calendar of events please view Calendar.

Oly Maths

This was an activity organised by the Maths Support Teacher. It involved year five children from three different schools who took part in a quiz and maths related sports activities. Here are some photos of the event:

The Spiral

On Wednesday 18th May, the students in KG 2.4 visited Ħaġar Qim.  Apart from touring the sight the students spent also some time doing other activities such as creating the spiral. The spiral is a design that can be found on megalithic stones around Malta & Gozo, as well as in other ancient architectures around the world. It is believed that this design represents eternity and had significant meaning for the ancient Maltese people.

Here are some photos of the activity:

Exploring the Trilithon

Yesterday, the Kindergarten 2 pupils visited the neolithic temples of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra. It was a wonderful experience as the pupils undertook several activities there. Besides walking around the temples, the pupils enjoyed doing activities such as clay models and cardboard models of the trilithon. The even was organised by Heritage Malta and B. Ed students, R. Brichni Dalli, J. Briffa and D. Vella.

Meludia Presentation

Yesterday, Mr Sannac, chairperson and CEO of Meludia, gave a presentation about this new music application. Children from yr 4 to yr 6 were present in the hall together with some parents for the event. Mr Sannac who is also a composer, pianist and singer explained how this application can be used by anybody, not necessarily a musician or music student. It is an ear training online application that progresses according to the user’s ability. Josef Calleja is the Meludia Ambassador.

The photos below show the audience during the presentation:

Theatre in Education

A group of drama teachers within the education division visited our school to carry out Theatre in Education programme with year 3 students. The programme strengthens children’s ability to receive information, think critically, understand complex ideas and stimulates creativity. It aims to deepen children’s perception and understanding.  It engages children in questions and dialogues while acting.

The School Choir

A number of children from year 3 up to year 6 voluntarily attend choir practice during lunch breaks. These children took part in several activities within the school and outside the school under the direction of Mr Andrew Bugeja.

Kidsfest – May 2016

This is an annual event held at the school where children are engaged in educational fun activities. Parents were invited and most participated in the events.

In the school Hall students were invited for activities related to IT.

The beebot event for year 2 students involved students in programming  a series of directional steps that the floor robot had to follow to reach places. Here the children were engaged in using the correct directional words, device a programme and control the situation.

Another IT related event was the lego story starter. This is a hands-on tool that also inspires students to collaborate while creating and communicating their stories. It is an innovative way of teaching a wide range of essential skills, including:

  • Literacy skills, improving writing, language, and reading abilities.
  • Communication skills, including speaking, listening, and presentation capabilities.
  • Collaboration skills and pupils’ ability to work in teams.
  • Comprehension skills and enabling pupils to compose new stories or analyze existing ones.
  • Integrating the use of digital tools via the unique StoryVisualizer Software.
  • Parents also had their share of information regarding IT related topics:


  • These IT events were prepared and supervised by our IT Support Teacher Ms Laura Schembri. We are also grateful to the support given by the team of IT Support Teachers that came to our school on the day.

Face-Painting was very popular with kindergarten students. This was being carried out by Ms Ruth Tanti, a member of staff together with the help of a parent.

The bouncy castle was also another popular item with students in both kindergarten as well as years 1, 2 & 3 students.

The parents of Kindergarten students were welcomed by the dances that their very young children performed.

Other items were also on the agenda such as:

  • story telling
  • various sports activities
  • hairdressing
  • stalls were children bought presents for their mothers for mother’s day
  • popcorn making
  • Holly the dog also paid a visit to the school and was welcomed by year 3 students.
  • Other classroom activities took place such as drawing & painting, crafts, etc.

This wonderful day would not have been possible without the cooperation of parents who are members in the school’s council, as well as other parent volunteers who give their free time wholeheartedly for these events.

The Health Factor Project – 2nd Week

The Health Factor Project ran for the second week. The children enjoyed the activities. Here are some photos:

High – 5

High 5 – Junior Mathematicians Challenge

Children from our school took part in an initiative that targets gifted and talented primary students who attend Years 5 and 6 classes in primary schools. They participated in five 2-hour training seminars specially designed to stimulate their mathematical intellect.