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The Tiny Helper

The Tiny Helper was an event organised by the MMSA (Malta Medical Students’ Association). The students worked with Kindergarten students. Here are some photos of the event.

Jum Dun Karm

Illum l-iskola tagħna ċċelebrat Jum Dun Karm waqt l-Assembly. Il-klassijiet tas-6 sena taw informazzjoni dwar il-ħajja tal-poeta nazzjonali, il-klassijiet tal-5 sena qraw ftit mill-poeżiji sbieħ tiegħu, fil-waqt li l-klassijiet tar-4 sena ppreparaw charts dwar il-poeta. Dawn huma ftit ritratti tal-attivita’:

Fl-aħħar il-Kor kanta l-Innu Malti

Dan l-avveniment sar bil-koperazzjoni sħiħa tal-għalliema u l-LSAs tal-Klassijiet tar-raba’, l-ħames u s-sitt sena, kif ukoll tal-għalliem tal-mużika is-sur Andrew Buġeja.


Apprezza Campaign

Image result for Malta tourism authority

The Malta Tourism Authority annually organises the Apprezza campaign. This campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of tourism for Malta, instil a sense of pride in young students and increase their knowledge of Malta’s tourism product.

Here is the information you may need:

European School Sports Day

As part of the European School Sports Day our school organised the activity in the school ground. Mr Jamie Muscat, the PE teacher helped in the organisation and the class teachers helped in the smooth running of the sports activities. Here are some photos of the event.

Fun Day – Friday 9th June

We are now almost at end of term, and as an annual treat the school holds a Fun Day for the children. All students were allowed to come dressed casual and they were involved in several  fun activities. Here are some photos of the event:

Bouncy Castle

LESA Activity


Sports Activities

Sports Activities for the Kindergarten

In-class activities for Kindergarten

These activities ended with the transformations of reality in the hands of a wizard:

The Magician.

Besides these activities yr 4, 5 and 6 students carried out in-class activities with the tablet (yr 4) and the WE DO kits for yrs 5 & 6. It was a wonderful experience for the students thanks to all involved, and thanks to the parents who volunteered to help out in the activities. During break time the students had frozen yogurt, in-line with the healthy eating the school promotes.

Pictures at an Exhibition – Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

On Saturday 20th May the  Malta Philharmonic Orchestra will hold its annual Family Fanfare Concert. This is a children’s concert, which this year will feature Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, original animated artwork by Matt Stroud, presenter Larissa Bonaci and performances by Johann Strauss School of Music students.

Tickets may be purchased at the following email address:–Pictures-at-an-Exhibition

Brillantini tal-Qari

Abigail Magri, yr 6.3 was awarded the Certificate and award for the Brillantini tal-Qari. She was one of several students from our school who were chosen as avid readers. Abigail is a student who enjoys reading during her free time in class, at home, etc. Well done Abigail!