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Yr 4 – Social Studies Project

Yr 4 students have been undertaking a project about Attard. Here are some photos of these beautiful works:


Students from our school participated in the ATQuadKids project. This project targets all Year 4 students and provides with them specialized training in athletics which will eventually lead them to participate in competitions. Below is a photo of the winners:


Luca Gerada came first within the college and over all in the 13.70mtr.

Matthew Zammit came first within the college and 4th overall in the 10.70”.

Lotsofsocks – 21st March – World Downs Syndrome Day

Today students, staff and parents wore socks of different colours to celebrate World Syndrome Day. Here are some photos taken during assembly this morning:

Carnival @ Esplora

To view details please click on the following link:

DCM 049 – Carnival esplora event

Use of Tablets in Yr 4 Classes

Activities using the newly acquired tablets are under way. Class teachers, together with the eLearning teacher are carrying out various activities such as such as: creating comic strips and quizzes for fun learning games. Here are some photos of the events:

Student of the Month – December 2016

Apprezza 2017

Apprezza is a campaign organised by the Malta Tourism Authority aimed to raise awareness among children of the importance of tourism for Malta.

Here is the poster:

For more information please read the following:

World Book Day

Today we celebrated world book day by allowing special time for reading. Our children have books in the class libraries and now we are also proud of our school library as the books have been weeded to include those suitable for children in our school. This has been carried out by the professional staff at the School’s Library Services. The following are pictures of children reading in the school yard.

In solitude

In twos or threes

Larger groups