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Seħer l-Istejjer – KG 2.2

Today, KG 2.2 students experienced a reading session of Seħer l-Istejjer. Parents were also invited. Here are some photos of the event:

KG 2.4 – Peace at Last!

Students of KG 2.4 read the story Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. Then they carried out some crafts using recycled material. Here are some photos:

Carnival @ Esplora

To view details please click on the following link:

DCM 049 – Carnival esplora event

Teddybear Hospital

Today students from the Medical school visited the Kindergarten 2 section for a session called Teddybear Hospital. Here are some photos of the event:

Borma Minestra

Vegetables are very healthy. In order to make the children aware of this, kindergarten students prepared vegetable soup (minestra) and then enjoyed eating it too.

Here are some photos of the event:

Kindergarten 2 -visit to Esplora

Library Week Exhibition

Library Week is now over, but the works that our students prepared lives on. The Exhibition is in the school’s foyer. All students from kindergarten up to year 6 participated.

In class 2.2 pupils also calculated the types of books/stories they preferred.

World Book Day – 23rd April 2015

We all love books. They are everyone’s best companion during work as well as leisure. Several people love reading for pleasure and there are plenty of books about any subject in every language.

Today the whole school spent a few minutes celebrating World Book Day. We all gathered in the yard with our favourite book and we all spent some time reading.

During this session the Kindergarten pupils also gathered to celebrate this activity. They listened to the story of Blue Bear. The story was related to them by three year 5 students and their teacher Ms Michelle, who produced the big book.

Kindergarten Sports Activities

Today, Kindergarten pupils are having sports activities organised by the Sports Promotion Unit. The activity is taking place in the school’s ground.