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School Development Programme Day

On the 13th May 2019, students had no school because teachers were involved in the School Development Programme session. During this session, teachers were given a programme that they had to follow:

Afterwards, they were addressed by the Head of School and the Senior Management Team about subjects that need to be addressed to improve the school’s ethos:

Mr Deguara, assistant head, delivered a lecture on the results obtained from the questionnaires answered by parents and staff:

Afterwards the teachers were divided into groups to work on particular topics such as discipline, and resources for effective teaching and learning:

Following lunch in the hall, discussions in groups resumed. This time the staff disucussed communication between the school and stakeholders. A plenary session followed until 14:30 hrs.

Reading Stars – Visit to Rome

Krista Tedesco, a student in yr 5.1, has been selected as one of the Reading Stars. This morning during assembly she read an essay about an experience she had in Rome with the other Reading Stars from Malta.

Teach Your Baby to Read

Babies are born with a natural tendency to develop language and communicative abilities. Babies can hear sounds before they are born. This is a major asset for developing literacy skills and it is very important that parents and guardians be aware of how to communicate with the babies and what books are suitable for storytelling. In order to help parents/guardians be aware of these facts, the National Literacy Agency will be organising a series of talks for would-be parents. The talks will be held at the Parentcraft Section, Mater Dei Hospital according to the following  schedules:

In Maltese:

In English:

For further information and in order to apply for the talks please phone  2598 2999 or send an email to 


Kid’s Fest 2019

On Tuesday 30th April the school organised a Kid’s Fest. The students at all levels went through very exciting events on the day as the school invited experts in music, dance and face-painting to perform and involve the kids in performance too. Here are some photos:



Show and Tell – Musical Instruments

Mr Bugeja, the music teacher, encourages the students who play a musical instrument to play it during the music lesson. The students are also expected to talk about the musical instrument in front of their classmates. Here are some photos of such events: