Live Crib Exhibition

The Mtarfa Drama Group will be creating a Live Crib Exhibition at Naxxar(venue to be told) and we are being asked to participate in it.

Thus we invite adults and children who are interested in joining in this event as stage actors. The event will take place between 21st December- 26 December from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm (both days inclusive) and also on 26 December morning from 9:00 am till 12:00 pm.
If anyone is interested in joining and/or would need additional information please contact
Mtarfa Drama GroupTown CenterTriq Ir-Regimenti Maltin,Mtarfa. MTF1540.Mob:79500730

Code Week

EU Code Week is a grassroots initiative that aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way…

Learning to code helps us make sense of the rapidly changing world around us. Our school is joining fellow organisers and participants to inspire the development of coding and computational thinking skills in order to explore new ideas and innovate for the future. This week Ms Vanessa introduced the code-a-pillar to her young students. Code-a-pillar is a STEM toy that inspired these young students to develop critical thinking skills through a hands-on robotic caterpillar. The students had turns creating a sequence. They had to choose from forward, right and left segments and then they watched the caterpillar move accordingly, thereby introducing coding to our young students. Here are some photos of an activity that took place in Ms Vanessa Camilleri’s Kindergarten class:

Read at Home

Read at Home

The Read at Home scheme has been extended further and is now offering all Primary, Middle, and Secondary school students the opportunity to borrow and enjoy reading books at home. Read more on Newsbreak: