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Show and Tell – Musical Instruments

Mr Bugeja, the music teacher, encourages the students who play a musical instrument to play it during the music lesson. The students are also expected to talk about the musical instrument in front of their classmates. Here are some photos of such events:

Survey regarding the school.

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Dear Parents / Guardians,

In the coming days the school will be working on a plan for the next scholastic year. To help us plan this work we are conducting an online survey regarding the school. The link to this online survey is

The questionnaire has to be filled in by noon Monday 15th April, 2019.

Thank you for your co-operation

Safety on the Road

Yr 6 students have been carrying out an exercise about road safety with their class teachers as well as with Ms Jacqueline Abela, the Health & safety teacher. Here are some photos of the students’ work:

ODD Sock Day – 21st March 2019

Last week all staff and teachers wore odd socks to mark World Syndrome’s Day. Here are some photos:

Different mediums and texture

The students in KG 2.4 have been experimenting with colours. This time they used a different medium: foam, which also allows the children to feel its texture. Here are some photos of the event:


The National Literacy Agency in collaboration with The President’s Trust Foundation, under the
Distinguished Patronage of Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, the President of Malta,
launched the second edition of the National Readathon on Wednesday, 28th February 2019. The aim of the Readathon is to foster a love for reading among children while nurturing a sense of solidarity with their peers through this fun reading marathon. Children will be awarded for reading and the money collected will be used to invest in educational resources for non-verbal children with autism in the Early Years.

When parents sign as indicated on the Readathon Sponsorship form, the students can look for
sponsors, who are either family members or friends and who are willing to sponsor their reading through a monetary donation. The person sponsoring the child may decide to donate for every page, book or number of hours spent reading. Whoever sponsors the child is to include their details in the Sponsors’ List as specified. Children are encouraged to colour a book from the Readathon Library for every 50c given so they are able to keep track of the amount collected. It is important that all requested details are included in this same sheet.

Sponsor Sheet

Visit to Esplora – Fossil Detectives

Yesterday, year 1 students visited Esplora. They carried out a workshop called Fossil Detectives. After watching a video about dinosaurs, the students were encouraged to look out for dinosaur fossils and identify the fossil by name. The students enjoyed the session. Here are some photos of the event: