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Reporting of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 students’ progress to parents/guardians

Parents are kindly asked to go to, click on Guardians and login using the own eID credentials.
Parents who do not have online access through a computer, mobile, tablet or another digital gadget, may ask the Head of School for a hard copy of their children’s report. Parents should be informed that this request should be done only in very exceptional cases, where it is known that parents do not have online access. Hard copies requested should only be made available to parents after the reports are published online.

Kandinsky – Art

Kandinsky believed that painting didn’t need a particular subject. He felt that he could express feelings and music through colours and shapes in his paintings. For example, he thought that yellow had the crisp sound of a brass trumpet and that certain colours placed together could harmonize like chords on a piano. The shapes he was most interested in were the circle, triangle, and the square. He thought the triangle would cause aggressive feelings, the square calm feelings, and the circle spiritual feelings.

Ms Miriam, KG 2.4, inspired her students to replace the circle with the shape of the heart for the occasion of St. Valentine’s (14th February). Here is a photo of the children’s art:


Emergent Curriculum: The Farm

Ms Yanika s class kinder 1.7 are using the Emergent curriculum. Their topic is The Farm.  The children showed interest in farm animals, they also went on an outing to Ta’ Qali Petting Farm.

Carnival Competition

The Projects and Initiatives Section, within the Directorate for Educational Services, invites schools to participate in the Carnival Painting and Craft Competition 2019. Carnival will be held between 1st and 5th March 2019.

The Painting and Craft Competition on the theme ‘Carnival’ is divided into nine categories:
Category A: Painting
 Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 in Primary Schools may participate.
 Crayons, pencils, water or poster colours may be used.

Category B: Collage
 Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 in Primary Schools may participate.
 Any kind of medium can be used for collages.
 Crayons, pencils, water or poster colours may be used.

Category C: Painting
 Students from Middle Schools (Years 7 and 8) may participate.
 Water colours, poster colours, oil pastels, oil sticks, airbrush or charcoal may be used.

Category D: Miniature Float
 Students from Middle Schools (Years 7 and 8) may participate.
 Any type of medium may be used for the miniature floats (3 miniature floats per school).
 The dimensions of the base of the floats should not be less than 50cm by 40cm and not
exceeding 1.5m by 1m; those exceeding these measurements will automatically be
disqualified. These miniature floats may also take part in the National Carnival events – Children’s Carnival – Saturday 2nd March 2019.

 Schools are to send only the best ten (10) works.
 The actual paintings are not to exceed 45cm by 32cm and floats should not be larger than
50cm by 40cm.
 All submitted paintings are to be mounted.
 Picture and mounting must not exceed 55cm by 42cm.
 All works should have the name of the student and school affixed to the front right-hand
lower corner of the mounting.
 On the attached form, the names of the ten students, whose works were selected at school level, are to be typed. A soft copy of this form, as a Word document, is to be emailed to
Mr Mario Camilleri at AND a hard copy is to be sent together with
the students’ works.
 The best works selected by the jury may be exhibited.
 The decision of the jury is final.

 A book for the best three entries for each category.
 A certificate to the ten participants whose work is selected at school level.

Participating Students please note that you need to hand in your names by Friday 15th February.

Kindergarten Making Pizza

K2.1 students brought their favourite ingredients to school to make pizza. Here are some photos of the event:

Dress Down Day for Hospice

This morning staff and students included a yellow item in their dress and donated Euro 1 for the Hospice Movement. Meanwhile, Hospisinu visited the school during morning assembly and then visited the kindergarten classes. Here are some photos of the morning assembly.


On 1st January the world celebrates peace. Students of year 4 set up posters and drew pictures to celebrate this event. Here are some photos of the work carried out:

Is-Sajd f’Malta – Fishing in Malta

Last November, year 5 students visited Marsaxlokk, Malta’s famous fishing village. As a follow up to this outing they did some research and classroom activities, then they exhibited some of their work yesterday, during the morning assembly. Here are some pictures of the event: