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Għidli Storja – Yr 5.1

Żewġt itfal mill-klassi 5.1 għażlu storja tal-awtur magħruf Trevor Zahra biex jgħidu l-istorja lil sħabhom f’forma ta’ reċta qasira imma ħelwa:

'Għidli Storja/Tell Me a Story' fl-iskola primarja ta' Ħ'Attard, fil-Kulleġġ San Nikola

Rakkont tal-ħrafa 'Tin Iswed u Tin Abjad' waqt sessjoni tal-programm 'Għidli Storja/Tell Me a Story' fl-iskola primarja ta' Ħ'Attard, fil-Kulleġġ San Nikola.

Geplaatst door Għidli Storja/Tell Me a Story op Dinsdag 19 februari 2019

Potato Snowmen and Heart Biscuits

KG2.3 students used potatoes to make snowmen. Here are some photos:


The following photos shoe the students preparing to bake Heart Biscuits:

Party Hats

The class of Ms Jos’Anne Darmanin (KG 2.1) were doing party hats for carnival. In this hands on activity the students depicted all sorts of shapes and colours on the hats and added other material to make them more carnivalesque. Here are some photos of the activity:

Reporting of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 students’ progress to parents/guardians

Parents are kindly asked to go to, click on Guardians and login using the own eID credentials.
Parents who do not have online access through a computer, mobile, tablet or another digital gadget, may ask the Head of School for a hard copy of their children’s report. Parents should be informed that this request should be done only in very exceptional cases, where it is known that parents do not have online access. Hard copies requested should only be made available to parents after the reports are published online.

Kandinsky – Art

Kandinsky believed that painting didn’t need a particular subject. He felt that he could express feelings and music through colours and shapes in his paintings. For example, he thought that yellow had the crisp sound of a brass trumpet and that certain colours placed together could harmonize like chords on a piano. The shapes he was most interested in were the circle, triangle, and the square. He thought the triangle would cause aggressive feelings, the square calm feelings, and the circle spiritual feelings.

Ms Miriam, KG 2.4, inspired her students to replace the circle with the shape of the heart for the occasion of St. Valentine’s (14th February). Here is a photo of the children’s art: