KG 2.4 – Peace at Last!

Students of KG 2.4 read the story Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. Then they carried out some crafts using recycled material. Here are some photos:

Animal Awareness Day

Yesterday we had a special morning assembly; pupils were allowed to bring their pets to school. After praying together so that God will help us to take care of our dear pets, the parish priest of Attard, Fr. Noel Vassallo blessed the animals and their carers.

Greenpac Competition

Yesterday, members of Attard Local council together with members of Greenpac, visited the school to distribute prizes to the winners of the Greenpac Competition. Any child between 3 to 11 years was eligible to enter this competition which consisted of drawing or a model made of waste material. A number of children participated and book prizes were given to the winners of two different categories.

The following pictures show the models and drawings:

Saving Energy in the Street

As part of the Comenius Project that the school is taking part in together with schools from Scotland and Holland, the year three classes have been working on saving energy in the street. The photo below shows the ideas which the students have come up with.

Catch the Drop Campaign

HSBC organised a Catch the Drop Campaign at our school last week. All the pupils from year 3 upwards attended the session.

Dive into Learning

The poster was produced from recycled material by kindergarten 1 pupils and their teachers.

Dinja Waħda – Dear Minister Activity – 1st overall

Today our school participated in the Dear Minister activity organised by the Dinja Waħda team. Several contestants took part from different schools, and children came out with lots of suggestions on how to take care of the environment. Jayden Aquilina in class 4.1 won the prize.