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Kindergarten Sports Activities

Today, Kindergarten pupils are having sports activities organised by the Sports Promotion Unit. The activity is taking place in the school’s ground.

Carnival 2014

On Friday 28th February, all the students from kindergarten to year 6 dressed up and took part in the carnival dancing activities in the school hall. Each year group performed a dance. The class teachers took care of the choreography. The parent members of the school council helped in the organization of these activities.

Sports Day – Kindergarten


Today the kindergarten pupils had a half day of sports activities organised by the Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport. All the children took part in the various organised games. The activity took place in the school hall.

Kindergarten – Frott Artna – Fruit Activity

On Tuesday 16th April, Kindergarten pupils enjoyed an activity wherein they selected fruit which they like to make up faces. this activity was possible through the help of the Frott Artna team and the initiative of the assistant head Mrs Claire Gafa’ and the Kindergarten assistants and LSAs assisting them. It was an unusual experience for the children.