Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Oct - 15

European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year on the 26th September 2001 at the initiative of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg. At Attard Primary, we celebrated this special event last Friday in coincidence with the visit to our school by members from the commune of Elancourt, France, as well as members of Attard Local Council.

The following are some photos of the event:

Animal Awareness Day

Yesterday we had a special morning assembly; pupils were allowed to bring their pets to school. After praying together so that God will help us to take care of our dear pets, the parish priest of Attard, Fr. Noel Vassallo blessed the animals and their carers.

Library Week Exhibition

Library Week is now over, but the works that our students prepared lives on. The Exhibition is in the school’s foyer. All students from kindergarten up to year 6 participated.

In class 2.2 pupils also calculated the types of books/stories they preferred.

Library Week

As part of the Library Week activities, Ms Grixti distributed book donations to class libraries.

World Book Day – 23rd April 2015

We all love books. They are everyone’s best companion during work as well as leisure. Several people love reading for pleasure and there are plenty of books about any subject in every language.

Today the whole school spent a few minutes celebrating World Book Day. We all gathered in the yard with our favourite book and we all spent some time reading.

During this session the Kindergarten pupils also gathered to celebrate this activity. They listened to the story of Blue Bear. The story was related to them by three year 5 students and their teacher Ms Michelle, who produced the big book.

Pizza making – yr 1

On Monday 30th March the year 1 classes visited the pizzeria Pepe Nero at the Valletta Waterfront. The children had a very good time learning how to make their own favourite pizza.

Student of the Month – October 2014

Student of the Month Oct 14

Today, during assembly we celebrated the student of the month for October 2014. Several students from each class were chosen for the following qualities:
> being a model student
> diligence
> being helpful towards peers
> being helpful and well-mannered
> improving in terms of behaviour
> excellent manners
> being hard working
> presenting good work
> neat handwriting
> creativity
> being kind

Carnival 2014

On Friday 28th February, all the students from kindergarten to year 6 dressed up and took part in the carnival dancing activities in the school hall. Each year group performed a dance. The class teachers took care of the choreography. The parent members of the school council helped in the organization of these activities.