What’s On


On Monday 21st October teachers from the Drama Unit will be visiting the school to carry out sessions with:

Year5 students at 9:00 am

Year 6 students at 11:00 am

Year 4.1 and Year 4.2 students will be having their PSCD lessons in class on Monday 21st October.

At 1 pm on Monday 21st, the School Council will be meeting for the first time this year. The meeting will be held in the Head Teacher’s Office.

There will be after school Basketball for the students who applied for the sessions:

  • On Tuesday, and
  • On Wednesday

Both sessions will start at 2:30 pm, weather permitting, and will take an hour.

On Wednesday 23rd October, year 2 students will be visiting Esplora.

On Thursday 24th October, Kindergarten students will be having a session of physical exercise with a PE teacher who visits the school, especially for kindergarten students.

On Thursday 24th October Yr 6 students will be having another session of FLAP. The session will be held in class.

For Calendar of events of the Frist Term please go to Parents’ Page.