Theatre in Edcuation – Yrs 5 & 6

Teachers from the drama unit visited our school to work with our yr5 and 6 students on a drama project that treated Tolerance. They adapted a play which they acted out for the students. The theme of the play treated the following topics:

  • it is ok to be different
  • trying to communicate
  • trying to find methods to open doors
  • dismantling barriers that do not allow us to work together.

Apart from the usual exposure to manners in the theatre, such as listening quietly and not disturbing others, clapping at the appropriate places, discipline during a drama activity, the students were encouraged to  to perform. It was interesting to see the students choosing the parts of the play which they liked most, acting it out, calling in helpers from the audience just like the professional performers did,and be creative in their performance by acting out from memory, adding in dialogue and using gestures to enhance their performance.

These sessions are important in that the students are doing activities out of the classroom, they are all treated equally, in that their class teachers and LSAs are not present during the sessions; they are trained to be disciplined during the drama activity by listening quietly and obeying instructions; they learn to allow  others to speak or act; they learn  theatre jargon such as narrator, actor, props, cues, etc. All this was possible through drama games, energizers and allowing the students to perform.

Here are some photos of the event: