Summer Reading Challenge – Kemm Qrajt fis-Sajf!


As part of the Summer Reading campaign, the National Literacy Agency is organising the Summer Reading Challenge – Kemm qrajt fis-Sajf! Children who participate in any reading activity will be given a reading log sheet to list the books they have read during the summer months. Children who read at least 5 books may submit their reading log sheet and a raffle will be held to select the winners. Reading log sheets will be collected by the Agency animators from all public and school libraries, and Skolasajf centres until Wednesday, 29th August 2018.

The National Literacy Agency will also be organizing a Bookmark Design Competition for Skolasajf pupils. Students will be given a template, including a set of guidelines, to design an original bookmark. These templates will be handed out in all Skolasajf centres by the Aqra fis-Sajf officials. The best designs amongst all submitted bookmarks will be chosen, and the pupils will be awarded during a closure celebration. The closing date for this competition is Wednesday, 29th August 2018.

For further details on this competition, kindly visit the Aqra fis-Sajf Facebook page –