What’s on this week

Another session of Klabb Naħla, for those students who have applied for the sessions, will be held every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Sessions will start at 7:15 am and finish at 8:15 am.

There will also be Klabb Naħla for students who do not speak Maltese or English.

Year 2 students will be having a session with their Health & Safety teacher on Monday 18th February.

Year 6 classes and yr 5.1 will be having their session on Tuesday 19th February.

A session of Basketball Awareness will be held in the afternoon between13:00hrs and 14:30hrs for years 3.2 and 3.3

A session of Aqrali Storja will be held for year 1 classes and for Yr 2.3 on Monday 18th February. The sessions will be held in class.

The session Għidli Storja will be carried out in year 5 classes on Tuesday 19th February.

Kindergarten will have their share of The Magic of Stories also on Tuesday.

An after-school session will take place on Monday 18th February for the students who applied.

another session will be held on Wednesday 20th.

A session of story-telling will be held in the Library for 0-to-3-year-olds from 4:15 pm onwards on Monday 18th February.

Year 1 students will be visiting Alka Ceramics on Wednesday 20th February.

Year 5.2 and 5.3 will be having interviews about Għidli Storja.

Year 5.1will be having their session of FLAP on Wednesday 20th February while yr 5.2 and 5.3 will be having theirs on Thursday. The Foreign Language Awareness Programme sessions take place in class.

Yr 6 students will be having their social studies fieldwork on Thursday 21st February.

Football Reading stars will be meeting parents in the school Library on Friday 22nd February.

There will be volleyball sessions at school for year 5 students on Friday 22nd February

A session of B.A.B.E.S programme will be held for yr 3s on Friday 22nd February. The sessions will be held in class.

 For further information re the school’s calendar of events please view Calendar.