eTwinning project: ‘Let’s Play Your Part, BE Water Smart!’

On Monday, 29th of May, the kindergarten teachers, namely Ms. Ruth, Ms. Miriam, and Ms. Samantha, had the opportunity to present and share their collaborative work from the eTwinning project titled ‘Let’s Play Your Part, BE Water Smart!’ They connected virtually with their partner teachers, Ms. Loredana and Ms. Mariana from Romania and they showcased the extensive work they have accomplished together, throughout this scholastic year.

The central theme of this project revolved around water conservation. The teachers wholeheartedly embraced this topic, incorporating it into various STEAM activities. Together with their students, they explored Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics ensuring a holistic learning experience. The teachers’ commitment and dedication to this project truly shone through, and their students benefitted greatly. They managed to nurture a sense of environmental consciousness among our young learners. 

During the video conference, the Maltese students enthusiastically performed a song called ‘The Water Cycle.’ They used props and actions to make their performance lively and engaging.

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Here are some photos of the event: