Physical Aspect

Attard primary was built in the early 60’s and since then extensions were carried out over the years. Until recently the school was named after Tumas Dingli, a local seventeenth century architect who built several parish churches, including the one at Attard. Now Attard primary forms part of St. Nicholas College.

The school is situated in one of the busiest thoroughfares in the village, namely Triq Ħal Warda, which is just off the main road to Rabat and Mdina. It is situated next to Ġnien Palma, a village playing field. The school has three points of entry: the main door, the main gate and a small gate leading to Ġnien Palma.

The school itself houses three main blocks which are joined together by a spacious, well-lit corridor. Block A houses four Kindergarten 1 classes and a clinic on the ground floor. The first floor comprises 2 year 4 classes, and art room, a well-equipped Nurture Group room, a small complementary room, and a store. The space underneath the stairs of this block has also been turned into a store for kindergarten equipment. On both floors there is a restroom.

Block B has two Year 1 classes, a Year 2 class, a Year 3 class, and a small kitchen used by the caretakers on the ground floor. On the first floor there are two Year 2 classes, a Year 1 class, Year 3 class, a small room used by one of the complementary teachers, and the school book store. There is a restroom on each floor.

Block C was added after Attard village started growing in population. This block houses five kindergarten classes, the Head of school office and the office of the Assistant Heads on the ground floor. On the first floor there are the Years 5 and 6 classes, as well as a Year 3 class and a small room used by the watchmen. In the space between the rooms there are restrooms on both floors.This block is serviced by two sets of staircases, one of which leads to the roof, as well as a lift.

The school’s main door leads to a spacious foyer where the Kindergarten students gather every morning for school assembly. The foyer leads to a spacious and well-equipped hall that is used by the school, as well as the Attard community, the College, and the Directorate. The hall has a large stage, back rooms and a balcony. There are four exit points from the hall besides the main entrance. Two back rooms are used by the P.S.D. teachers and by the music teachers. This room leads to the public library where all the main electrical switches to the school are found. The hall has its own restrooms.

In the foyer there is the secretary’s office,and the school librarywhich is equipped with an interactive white board. At the end of the foyer there are two rooms and a restroom which are used by the students’ parents when they meet to organise activities that help to decorate the school for certain occasions. One of them is a kitchen which is also used by class teachers when doing cookery lessons. The second room is used as a store.

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