Development Plan

This is the development plan for this year:

Key Area 1 Curriculum Organisation
Project Increasing the use of ICT as a teaching tool
Our Priority More use of the Interactive Whiteboard
Key Area 2 Teaching: School Literacy Strategies
Project Literacy Action Plans
Our Priority To implement the vision of the National Strategy and Policy for the attainment of the Core Competences in Primary Education.
Key Area 3 School Professional Development
Project Encouraging the sharing of ideas and resources
Our Priority To promote co-operation and knowledge sharing, socializing among teachers, LSAs and KAs within the college.
Key Area 4 Achievement and Learning
Project To help pupils learn at their own pace
Our Priority To enable pupils at both ends of the ability range to achieve their full potential.
Key Area 5 Resources for Learning
Project To provide resources to enhance teaching and learning
Our Priority More exciting lessons

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